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Energy conversion Structural health monitoring Magnetic incremental permeability Mechanical stress Energetics Piezoelectric Component Piezoelectric coefficient Piezoelectricity Structural ceramics Damping Hysteresis loss Electroactive polymers Couplings Solid state reactions Magnetic fields Energy transfer Conversion électromécanique Multiwalled carbon nanotubes MWCN Ferroelectric materials Electromechanical conversion Conversion énergétique Models Yarn Magnetic hysteresis Frequency domain analysis Matériau piézoélectrique Carbon nanotubes Ferroelectricity Ferromagnetic composites Piezoelectric X ray diffraction Vibration energy harvesting Electromagnetic modeling Cooling applications Polymers Mechanical properties Ceramics Energie thermique Electro-active polymer Bistable Amortissement des vibrations Microstructure Bimetal Thermal energy Piezoelectric elements Terpolymers Frequency dependence PiezoElectricity Energy harvesting Electromechanical behavior Strain Mechanical actuators Hysteresis Electrotechnique Energy Harvesting Dielectric permittivities Electrostrictive Composite Nonlinear Dielectric properties Mechanical excitations Electrostrictive strain Engines Ceramic materials Electroactive material Permittivity Dielectric materials High electric fields Carbon nanotube buckypaper Ferroelectric ceramics Vibration control Low-frequency induction heating Electromechanical coupling Actuators Piézoélectricité Wave propagation Fractional derivatives Electrostrictive polymers Electrotechnics Piezoelectric ceramics Electric fields Electrostriction Bimetallic strips Polarization Fractional derivative Electrostrictive polymer Composite materials Electro mechanical coupling factors Rubber Electromechanical property Mechanical energies Energétique Conducting polymers Vibration Electro-active polymers Récupération d'énergie Electroactive polymer Contrôle de vibrations Polyurethanes Barkhausen noise