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[hal-02156273] Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics investigation of the size dependence of the electronic relaxation in polyacenes

The Tully’s fewest switches surface hopping algorithm is implemented within the framework of the time-dependent density functional based tight binding method (TD-DFTB) to simulate the energy relaxation following absorption of a UV photon by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). This approach is used to study the size effect on the ultrafast dynamics in excited states for a special class of PAH species called polyacenes. We determine the dynamical relaxation times and discuss the underlying mechanisms. Our results show that there is a striking alternation in decay times of the brightest singlet state for neutral polyacenes with 3 to 6 aromatic cycles. The alternation corresponds to an order-of-magnitude variation between roughly 10 and 100 fs and is correlated with a qualitatively similar alternation of energy gaps between the brightest state and the state lying just below in energy.

[hal-02153869] Fall-back time for photo-ionized Cs atoms attached to superfluid 4He nanodroplets


[hal-03086654] Study of the Vibrational Predissociation of the NeBr2 Complex by Computational Simulation Using the Trajectory Surface Hopping Method


[hal-03086640] Alkali atoms attached to vortex-hosting helium nanodroplets


[hal-02512933] Density-functional tight-binding: basic concepts and applications to molecules and clusters


[hal-02916953] Computation and analysis of bound vibrational spectra of the Neon tetramer using row orthonormal hyperspherical coordinates.


[hal-03086651] Fragmentation dynamics of Ar4He1000 upon electron impact ionization: competition between ion ejection and trapping


[hal-02481944] Spontaneous emission and energy shifts of a Rydberg rubidium atom close to an optical nanofiber


[hal-02569354] Un rêve pour les filles et les garçons : la science


[hal-02486540] Floquet thermalisation in a Rydberg-blockaded atomic chain subject to a frequency-modulated drive


[hal-02491991] Theoretical investigation of the electronic relaxation in highly excited chrysene and tetracene: The effect of armchair vs zigzag edge


[hal-02381781] R&D around a photoneutralizer-based NBI system (Siphore) in view of a DEMO Tokamak steady state fusion reactor


[hal-02372604] Coherent quantum dynamics launched by incoherent relaxation in a quantum circuit simulator of a light-harvesting complex


[hal-01685236] Electronic field emission models beyond the Fowler-Nordheim one


[hal-02349768] A three dimensional numerical quantum mechanical model of field electron emission from metallic surfaces covered with carbon adsorbates



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