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Coherent nonlinear optical spectroscopy Differential scanning calorimetry Polymorphism Beam choppers Complexe du ruthénium AP Charge transfer Aperiodic composite crystals High pressure Alkane/urea Density functional theory Coopérativité Photo-crystallography Condensed matter electrical LIESST DFT Photocrystallography Photochemistry Photoinduced Charge bistability Cooperativity Alcane/urée Cycloaddition Spin crossover Apériodicité Broken symmetry Aperiodic crystals TTF-CA Crystallographic superspace ACL Laser spectroscopy Organic compounds Heterometallic complexes Spin transition Lattice constants Magnetic properties Coordination polymers Phase transition Avalanches CO BOND Monte Carlo methods Nonequilibrium processes Alkane/urea crystals Crystallography And phase transitions Neutron diffraction RELAXATION Ab initio calculations Structure elucidation X-ray diffraction Condensed matter structural Spin-crossover Charge density Commutation par la lumière Cristaux moléculaires à transition de spin And nanoscale systems structure and nonelectronic properties Confinement DENSITIES Neutron scattering Bromine recombination dynamics ALKALI-METAL-ION Chloranil Time resolved spectroscopy 8CB Absorption spectroscopy COBALT-IRON CYANIDE Space groups X-Ray diffraction Aperiodicity Crystal growth from solution Inorganic compounds CRYSTALS Crystallographic aspects of phase transformations Charge-transfer phase transition Time-resolved X-ray scattering Density functional calculations Crossover Biological sciences Biochemistry Biophysics Iron Pressure effects Time-resolved diffraction CHARGE-TRANSFER COMPLEX Dynamical structural science Diffraction DIFFRACTION Inclusions Phase transitions Applied physics COMPLEXES Femtosecond probes of molecules in solids and of molecular solids CHARGE-DENSITY Deformation and flow Photoinduced transition Ultrafast spectroscopy DISCOVERY Diffuse scattering Crystal structure Coherence Femtochemistry