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B Vapour deposition Damp heat A Thin films Cu/Ag metal bi-layer Dielectric loss Copper Anode buffer layer ELECTRON-DIFFRACTION Chemical polymerization Thin film DLTS A Interfaces CuI Alternative buffers Organic solar cell EELS Solar cells Anode 4-propylenedioxythiophene Copper iodide Chalcopyrite thin-film solar cell surface composition wet-chemical treatment x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy Ceramics FDTD CIGSe Dielectric materials Aluminum-doped zinc oxide PVD Anatase colloidal solution for printing A Fullerenes Heterojunctions Crystalline orientation Capacitance Aqueous colloidal solution GaSe2 Hybrid buffer layer Photoluminescence Buffer layer High temperature heat capacity Interfaces Electrical properties Band gap gradient Conducting polymers ITO free electrode Exciton blocking layer Cross-sectional TEM D Electrical properties CdIn2S4 DX center Hybrid organic solar cell Thin films Electrode Solar cell Food Fill factor Defects Calcium layer Double diode Organic solar cells FEATURES Band-gap Electrophoretic deposition Molybdenum oxide DC and RF-sputtering Band alignment Dielectric constant Aniline and thiophene derivatives Cathode buffer layer Flexible substrate TIO2 CuIn Degradation Buffer layers 4-ethylenedioxypyrrole Electrochemistry Ga-notch Doping E171 BaTiO3 BTO Evaporation rate CBD EO polymers Alkali Electroluminescent polymer composites Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide Electrochemical polymerization Actinide conditioning Sodium Grain boundaries CIGS Branched sexithienylenevinylene oligomer Copper indium gallium selenide 4-ethylenedioxythiophene Hydrodesulfurization Characterization Extraction Hole mobility 34-propylenedioxypiyrrole CuPc Electropolymerization N-doping